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Let's Create A Distinct Brand Strategy Which Adds Value To Your Customer And Builds Your Business!

All great brands have a strong foundation, they know who they serve, they know what value they bring, they know who they are and who they are not.

Whether you are an established brand that needs to reposition, a challenger that needs to stand out and stand for something, or a startup that wants to shake up a market, taking the time to clearly define your brand strategy and how you want to position it in the minds of your ideal consumer(s), is an essential investment in the long term health of your business.

Our Process

Aisling Bremner Brand Development Process - Brand Consultancy Northern Ireland

No two businesses are the same, and no two brands are the same, however, the process for creating or evolving valuable brands remains reasonably constant.

Our 5 pillar process can be dialed up or dialed down to suit your business needs.


Leading Brands i have worked with

Define . Create. Execute. Grow

Let’s work in partnership to grow your brand, consumers, and revenue.

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Aisling Bremner Brand Strategy Consultant | Northern Ireland