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The "Work" Me

Aisling Bremner Brand Strategy Consultant | Northern Ireland

For over two decades I have had the privilege to have built brands for large global corporations and small ‘mighty‘ local businesses.  My ethos is simply ensuring we build strong foundations, have a clear why, and consistently connect with our consumers at all touchpoints.  


Bringing brands and new products to markets, creating growth strategies, delivering substantial bottom-line growth, and turning brands into household names, is what I do.   

I am straight talking and highly commercial and will make the process of building your brand fun, collaborative, and ultimately results focused.


The "Not At Work" Me

Aisling Bremner Strategic Marketing Consultant Northern Ireland

Family: ‘A group that dreams, laughs, plays, and loves together, always present not only in good times but for all times. The most precious gift’. 


Great relationships are the key to great outcomes.  I am the opposite of a big agency structure. When you choose my consultancy you get to work directly with me and my highly talented and trusted associates when we need them – no middlemen or costs.

My clients are like family, and we grow together to create brands that consumers LOVE.  

Aisling Bremner Brand Strategy Consultant | Northern Ireland

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